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Dried Mango and Pistachio

Dried Mango and Pistachio

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Luxury, silky smooth white chocolate with the right balance to enjoy a complete masterpiece and the first creation of Calgary ChocoSweeats Factorie.

A very rare to find Dried Mango, California Pistachios and Sugar Pearls a winning combination now with white chocolate, a newly discovered appreciation for the art of chocolate making, and know as our signature style!

If you are looking for a change from the usual 'downtown' offerings, a Calgary ChocoSweeats Factorie various unique flavors chocolate bars make a great gift.

• Handcrafted Artisan Premium White Chocolate Bar for Yourself and Your Loved Ones

• Topped with Dried Mango, California Pistachios and Sugar Pearls

 NO Artificial Flavour, NO Preservatives, NO Salt, NO Sugar and NO Oil used in the fruits drying process

• Size 16cm x 7.8cm

• Weight 120g